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Over what distances do volcanoes interact?

By Juliet Biggs, University of Bristol. In the geological past, large eruptions have often occurred simultaneously at nearby volcanoes. Now, a team of RiftVolc scientists from the University of Bristol uses satellite imagery to investigate the distances over which restless … Continue reading

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Desk Geophysicist in “The Field”

Guest post by Ryan Lloyd, PhD student at the University of Bristol. (Originally posted here). Last month I returned from the East African Rift: a 4000 km divide between two continents that are slowly moving apart. We were there to … Continue reading

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Volcanoes of the Ethiopian Rift Valley

Originally posted on volcanicdegassing:
The great Rift Valley of Ethiopia is not only the cradle of humankind, but also the place on Earth where humans have lived with volcanoes, and exploited their resources, for the longest period of time. Perhaps…

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